XLerate Group Mission

We are the XLerate Group, a leading nationwide auction and remarketing facilitation company. XLerate facilitates transactions between buyers and sellers at its Internet-enabled physical and private label remote sales in California, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Our daily mission is simple and straightforward: provide the highest quality service and operational execution for dealers and institutional customers. Anything less is not acceptable.

XLerate’s strategic mission is two-fold:

  1. To continue to grow our business with existing and new customers
  2. To add quality independent sales to our auction family

The auction industry is changing rapidly. We believe that scale and depth of resources are increasingly important for auctions in general and particularly for independent auctions. As part of the XLerate Group, you’ll have these resources at your disposal.

Lastly, XLerate’s employees are its most important resource. XLerate is invested in them and their families. Our employees are leaders in their communities and in serving our customers.

Want to explore joining the XLerate Family of auctions?

XLerate offers a discreet, confidential, and expedited process to discuss purchasing your sale. Please contact Cam Hitchcock at (317) 689-7935 if you would like to discuss options.